On the personal or professional level, we are more and more visible on the net and not always for what we wished! Our team is there to help you put forward the positive and hide or erase the negative.

Social networks have a disconcerting ease to connect to you any content by hastag or identification, that in addition to your own videos, photos and posts anyone can publish anything on you! Fortunately more and more you can disable these “wild” identifications and manage your publishing’s confidentiality. But what about the whole web?

It’s easy for anyone to post content that belongs to you or concerns you without you knew it or your agreement! When it comes to a positive review or content that’s positive so it does’nt matter … but to clear a negative content the hell begins!

To remove a compromising photo, a private video or make “disappear” comments / opinions derogatory is a real headache! NEOBOA START TO INTERVENTS  HERE:

  • Guaranteed confidentiality
  • Erasing links violating your intellectual property or image rights
  • Negociations with the websites who published the contents belonging to you or your image
  • Drafting of opinions
  • Writing content to “drop” links of articles denigrating your brand, your products or your reputation
  • Reputation survey contract

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